I am interested in the wastage of food that supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and people on individual level throw away food that perhaps could have been donated to other organisations or individuals.

We live in a very fast pace society and some do not realise the disastrous effect consumerism has on the environment. The amount of food that is produced, grown, industrialised for the globe can feed more than the people living in first & second world countries. Third world countries do not have enough food on a day-to-day living. This is a serious issue that we have to be very much aware of in our daily interaction with food & people. We may have have to consider what we eat, how we eat our food and how much of food do we really need for our bodies.

This artwork is a landscape/ map of Singapore using food items from Project Xpired. Many of the food items collected are still edible. I have eaten some of the food items, which has a label mark as expired but I did not get sick or had uncomfortable pains. In actual fact, due to the high concentration of preservatives in packed and tin cans, food has been given a new life, an extension of their lifespan.

This way of consuming food is very dangerous not because of the expiry date but of the amount of chemicals that goes into our bodies. It is something that we also have to take notice of. How can we be less dependent on artificially process and produced food to independent living by growing our own food, consuming fresh foods and lowering the consumption of preservatives in our diet.

This landscape / map of Singapore with its buildings and green space is created by rice, coffee, pasta, noodles, tea, crackers, etc, which volunteers and interested participants took initiative to work with their hands, the food material to create a message to rest of Singapore how food can shape and change a city and our home to one that of an environmentally conscious society.

*City of Food was commissioned by Foodbank Ltd for Edible Art Movement.
*Other artists involved in the project are:
Kenneth Lee (http://www.kennethlee.co/);
Eunice Lim (www.elwmart.com/)
Vellachi Ganesan (www.vellachiganesan.com)
Jacquelyn Soo (http://jacquelynsoo.4ormat.com/)
Billy Soh (www.contemporaryart.sg/about/members/)
Jana Emburey (www.jeart.eu)
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