Where will you sleep tonight? 2006

Photography Performance


This piece of artwork reflects a Singaporean mentality towards stereotyping and social labeling. 

The Artist wears a suit of pajamas and wanders along the Singapore scene, from the MRT to coffee houses etc, searching for an identity in which she can belong to. Pajamas are material stereotype that reflects sleep and domesticity. It is seldom worn as a daily outfit outside of the home and also typically associated with bed-ridden persons. A stereotype is immediately challenged when the Artist takes on a different persona with the pajamas when placed outside of the familiarity and identities   we are used to. 

'As I put on my Pajamas and walk around Singapore, I was being mocked and questioned by the people I meet but I was satisfied by the respond and curiosity towards this piece of work. The curiosity gave me a reason to form a basis of identity in our metropolitan city.' 
Photos taken by Billy Sohw

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