The human relationship is surely a complex and complicated social system of interaction and associations. Ideologies and philosophies were created to understand and simplify our complex behaviors in work, play, family, marriage, love, friendship, religion and the self. The study of human relationships has been the main focus of work for psychologists, economists, sociologists, anthropologists and even artists.

To the urbanized human, a study of the self is interpreted by the way he/she interacts with the city’s landscape. The primary concern of an urban civilian would be to negotiate a system of adapting in the chaotic urban world.

How about adapting into the natural world? How would an urban civilian fit in with the equally chaotic system of the natural world?

My artwork attempts a reflection on the role of human relationships with the forest; to be inspired by the forest ecosystem to help grow individual and community’s awareness of the forest’s role in our urban environment. The forest is one of the less regarded environmental topic which the urbanized civilian is prone to neglect.

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