Where will you sleep tonight? Part 2, 2009

Photography Performance


In 2006, “Where will you sleep tonight?” was executed with the intention of capturing an understanding of the mentality towards stereotyping and social labeling of people perceived as ill (i.e. wearing bed clothes/pajamas).

The Performer wears a suit of pajamas and wanders along the Singapore streets, from the MRT to coffeeshops and eating places, etc, in search for an identity in which she can belong to while carrying on with the artist's daily routines. A stereotype is immediately challenged when the act is placed outside of familiarity.

To enable certain observations to come to fruition, “Where will you sleep tonight?” was again be done in performance and photography medium in 2009. 

The visual image involves two settings. The first being a two-person portrait of the Artist and a member of the public who has spontaneously agreed to take over the role of the Artist by wearing the Artist's set of pajamas, bathroom slippers and maybe even a sleeping hat. 

The second setting will require a larger audience for a group photo shoot where the image of the Artist will be hidden in within the group of people. The groups of people will be asked to smile, frown, laugh, close their eyes depending on the location and mood of the area while the Artist attempts to hide herself in between the group. 

The whole process had been a rewarding experience and the artist and the photographer hopes the viewers may receive some laughter and amusement from the images of their journey.
Photos taken by Billy Soh

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