Mee Soto Seller, 2010

Performance & Installation


Jatiwangi Art in Residency Programme, Bandung, Indonesia 


This was a residency where I made two projects: 

One is a performance & installation piece using the Gerobak (food seller cart) and turned in into a performance to invite villagers in the village of Bulujuwetan to share their stories with me in exchange for food. The idea is to talk about using community engagement to make art and livelihood rather than to rely on consumerism and capitalist ways. The wayang kulit works from a workshop with children are from Sri Lanka Artist, Mr Kosala Kumar. 

The other project I did was a mural depicting the lives of the villagers painted in the alun-alun. (The alun-alun function as centre for public spectacles, court celebrations and general non-court entertainment.)

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