Guessing my Thoughts, 2009



For Fetterfield Performance Event

Padang Field, Singapore 

'Guessing my Thoughts' is a performance game set in Padang Field where it is a space for l sports and leisure activities played by Singaporeans such as Cricket, Soccer, Football etc. 

The objective of the game is a test of wits and intelligence amongst the players to guess what is the correct answer to some of the questions/hints on the paper behind the back of the participant. The questions of the game vary from the history of Singapore to the Architecture features/history of the surrounding buildings. Some questions are also related to interesting facts about Singapore culture. 

The rule is to use only hands or feet to move around each other to find out what is written on the board at the back of their hands. The card and hands must be placed at the back of their body at all times during the competition. The winner is determined by the number of times he/she is able to read out the words on the card by x number of participants. 

This game addresses the absence and presence of historical and general knowledge that Singaporeans have a lack of knowing, education and personal interest about their own country. 

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